Clever Little Fishes HQ

This week has seen the launch of my new crowd-funding project via Indigogo – my quest to raise the little bit of extra funds I need to complete the new Clever Little Fishes garden office.

I know it’s a lot to ask anyone to contribute towards a small business, but I’m keen to flag that I’m not expecting for money for nothing and donators will get rewarded with perks varying from a thank you on social media, an SEO makeover, a website and more. SO, if you’re wanting some website work done anyway, consider doing it via my crowd-funding project and help support my business in the process!

Further details can be found here, but I’ve set out a little more information below too.

What will the raised funds go to exactly?

I’m getting ever closer to building the new Clever Little Fishes garden office – the quotes are in, the builder is booked and the works are scheduled to start in 4 weeks. So exciting! The only problem is my savings won’t stretch to the finish and interior. Specifically, I’m hoping to raise enough for the following:

• Exterior paint
• Interior paint
• Plastering costs
• Lino flooring
• Heating
• Alarm
• Desk space for 3 people
• Office chairs

I’d love to invite any donators to come see me in the new office too – so if you are local to Cranbrook please do get in touch.

I have no expectations, but I’m not one to give up on a dream easily, so I’m giving it a go. If you can’t make a donation, I’m very grateful for any support you can give – whether it be sharing this blog post on Facebook or Twitter or otherwise. I’m eternally grateful! I will of course keep you all updated on progress and the office build.

Stage 1 - Before shot

Stage 2 - Where did the shed go?

Stage 3 - Spot the difference?