Clever Little Fishes’ is on the move!

Our website design gets put on a fleet of taxis

That’s right – and the photo below proves it!

complete zaf1

So how, you might be wondering, did our street art-inspired website design end up on a fleet of taxis across Kent? Recently Clever Little Fishes designed and launched a new website for its client Streamline to promote a new service it’s offering – This taxi company in Kent are now offering its customers the ability to book a taxi by scanning a QR codes with their mobile phone. We were tasked with coming up with a concept to promote the new service and appeal to a young market. When I presented the website to Streamline they were so impressed they decided to use in on their cars too!


As a web designer I didn’t envisage my designs ending up on cars, but it’s a very nice surprise. Where will you see our website designs next I wonder…watch this space!