Dear Mr Lucas, what happened to…

I may not be a Jedi or wield a real lightsaber and I certainly won’t kick Darth Vader’s ass, but as a lifelong fan I still consider myself part of the Stars Wars Universe. A big part? Maybe not. But a part none the least.

Is Jedi my official religion I hear you say? Good question. Yes it is. Who is my favourite character? Another good question! Obviously there’s Han, Chewie, Luke, R2-D2, Threepio, Leia (wink wink) and Yoda to name a few of the A-listers but none of them quite do it for me. No; I wouldn’t be a proper fan without a slightly obscure favourite character and mine, nicknamed Snips by her master, comes from the extended universe – Ahsoka Tano.


When Ahsoka was first introduced, fans and critics basically had two things to say about her: first, that she was obnoxious, and second, that she was going to die. Ahsoka doesn’t appear in Revenge of Sith; she’s not one of the Jedi we see executed under Order 66. If she’s so important to Anakin, then where is she? The general suspicion was that she would die before the events of Episode III. However, as she was expelled from the Jedi Order (see the final season of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’), would Order 66 have applied to her? Anyone who has seen these episodes will know that after her expulsion, a determined Anakin cleared Ashoka’s name (long story) and almost immediately The Jedi Order asked her to return, but she declined their offer.

Rumour and conjecture has always surrounded Ashoka’s character, and there’s certainly no shortage of speculation and conspiracy as to her whereabouts. Some claim that she’ll make an appearance in ‘Star Wars Rebels’, whilst others hypothesise a fatal showdown with Anakin (as Darth Vadar), occurring somewhere between Episodes III and IV. Another theory states, quite confidently I might add, that she is to become a member of the Jedi High Counsel in the new Jedi Order, and her husband Kolis is to become a grand Jedi Master alongside Luke Skywalker.

To be completely honest; I have no idea what happened to her character! All I know is that as a huge fan of her character, if Ahsoka Tano is is to appear anywhere in the new Star Wars trilogy, it would massively please both me and a huge section of fans, giving a whole new hope to the future success of the franchise.

Ahsoka cosplay as a Sith

Ahsoka cosplay as a Sith

Another troubling storyline, of particular note, that wasn’t concluded when Disney (after it purchased Lucas Film) cancelled ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ was that of Darth Maul. Despite his bisection by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Maul survived that encounter and escaped to Lotho Minor, where he spent the next twelve years of his life in exile with little to no memory of his former self.

“3 years into the Clone Wars, Talzin sent Maul’s brother, Savage Opress, the ousted apprentice of Maul’s Sith successor, on a quest to find the fractured man who dwelled in the depths of Lotho Minor. Savage successfully brought his brother back to Dathomir to undergo physical and mental reconstitution by Talzin’s dark magic. Rehabilitated mentally and physically through prosthetic legs, Maul swore to reestablish his place in galactic history, starting with taking vengeance on Kenobi.”

Source: Wookieepedia

Thanks to Disney, all chances of getting to know more about the ultimate fate of this horned villain have all but gone to pot. So I find ‘What happened to Darth Maul?’ very troubling, frustrating and as open to interpretation and heated debate as that of Ahsoka’s very own storyline.

Darth Maul with spider-like legs

Darth Maul with spider-like legs

In the end, I believe all this creativity, imagination and ever changing landscapes has made me a better person here back on Earth, because it has taught me that everyone and everything counts to someone somewhere. Whether that be a little girl who admires Ahsoka, as much as those like boys who adored Luke a few generations ago, or someone who is drawn to the dark and twisted storyline of the expelled Sith who seeks revenge to any end.

That’s why I can sincerely and with a straight face say: “May the Force be with you.”