Introducing Ant Tomlinson founder of Clever Little Fishes, a web design company based in Cranbrook, Kent, UK.

My first blog post! Hello. This is just a quick introduction to me. I’m Ant – web designer and founder of web design company Clever Little Fishes which I launched at the end of November 2012 and based in Cranbrook, Kent. I’m dad to baby Luca, husband to Charlie and in-between designing websites I love watching films, drinking wine, eating good food and family walks with our dog Loki.

On this blog I’ll be posting tips for website designers, interesting technology news and general ramblings about stuff I like (films, Family Guy, cheese and whatever else I fancy). If any of those things float your boat then you might want to come back to the blog, follow me on Twitter or like Clever Little Fishes on Facebook. Oh, and if you need a website please contact me via the Clever Little Fishes here.