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  • This form is used so that we can provide you with a detailed quote bespoke to your needs, as well as to obtain information we need so that we can design you the logo you want.

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  • *Brandmark (Symbol/Icon): Made up of a symbol or an icon, it should be easily recognised and be able represent the company without needing any text or the company name displayed on it.
    Brandmark Logo
    **Wordmark: Consists of only text, words are used as a visual symbol to represent the organisation, it usually is made up of a uniquely styled font.
    Wordmark Logo
    ***Lettermark: Similar to wordmark logos as it consists of only type, unlike the wordmark it consists of a abbreviation often a companies initials.
    Lettermark Logo
    ****Combination mark: Consists of a symbol or an icon with a wordmark, sometimes a strong combination mark can lead to a company presenting these components together or individually.
    Combination mark Logo
    *****Emblem: Has the company name incorporated into the design. Emblem logos often resemble a badge, information such as the location, address and tagline are often displayed inside.
    Emblem Logo
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