Keep the change.

It’s very difficult to put a price on a job without knowing what the brief is, so we really do urge you to get in touch for a quote. That said, we understand that many people just want a ‘ballpark’ to get an idea of our charges, which is where our price guidelines come in. Ultimately we will tailor a quote to you based on your needs but the below may be useful in showing broadly how much your project might cost.



Under 8 pages incl. basic SEO
Basic e-commerce
Custom WordPress theme
Personal blog
Website for non-profit/charity


8+ pages incl. basic SEO
Professional e-commerce
Website with custom artwork
Basic site + logo design
Basic site + advanced SEO


15+ pages incl. basic SEO
Sophisticated e-commerce
Complex website development
Medium site + logo design
Medium site + advanced SEO

Why pay for a professional web designer?

We thought it might be useful for you, as a potential client, to know what you’re paying for when you pay a professional web designer (us!) to design your website – as opposed to companies that allow you to build a website yourself for a small one-off or monthly fee – often this is done by way of a drag-and-drop method or by selecting an off-the-shelf template. But that isn’t the type of website that a professional web designer will build for you. We will build you a website that reflects your business, your objectives, your vision, your brand. It will be a website that adds value and markets your business. It will be one that is optimised for Google searches (by Ant – a human being!). It will work across browsers and be accessible to everyone. It will comply with industry standards. In short it will be a website that will make you money, not cost it.

A real website requires a lot of hard work and effort, and that’s what a professional web designer will do for you. Some of the things that we do – design your website using a layout, colours, fonts etc. that work with your brand, add special social icons & buttons that will help drive traffic, design you a custom header, design custom graphics if you need them, build sliders and other functions to show-off your business (and put them in the right place!), proofread & optimise content so that your website will rank higher in Google, properly output & resize photos for web, ensure the code & meta data is optimised to be Google-friendly, design contact forms the way you want, make sure your website is compatible with other browsers, comply with accessibility industry standards (e.g. so users that are visually impaired can use your website), install Google Analytics, set up your hosting, install your website on a hosting server, do any bug-fixing and, of course, post-launch support. That’s not even all of it. When you factor in all these thing believe us when we say it is worth every penny paying a professional to build your website.