If You Read One Article About Web Design Read This One

Web design is a massive industry these days. With trillions of presently live and active websites on the Internet and with many, many more being published every day, it is no doubt that web designers are in colossal demand. Here are some interesting facts about this innovative and creative field.

  1. You really do get what you pay for
  2. Designing and building a professional website takes time
  3. Making something simple is hard
  4. It takes many pages of code for a website to function
  5. Typography matters
  6. Having a website alone doesn’t mean you’ll get visitors
  7. ALL browsers render websites differently
  8. ALL websites look different when viewed on screens with different resolutions
  9. Fonts tend to render differently on different devices
  10. Less is more

Web design is a complicated process involving a number of considerations. Essentially, it is the end user that drives a website design process. Every aspect needs to be designed in order to appease the end user, in addition to fulfilling the goals of the website owner. Whether you manage the creation and optimisation of the website yourself, or you hire a professional to do it for you, it has be done right.