Who Invented WordPress & Some Other Interesting Blogging Facts

Whether you read them, have one or are thinking of starting one, virtually everyone who is on the internet has come across a blog one way or another.  I’m sure I don’t remember anyone talking about blogs and blogging 10 years ago, and now suddenly they’re everywhere.

Who developed WordPress?

If you’re blogging, chances are you’re blogging with WordPress. It is mostly credited to Matt Mullenweg, who was a developer working for CNET at the time of its release in February 2005. It’s now the most popular blogging tool on the internet (CMS Usage statistics).

Who created the first blog?

Essentially blogs began in the form of the online diary, and so I’m sure there are more than just a few people who would claim to have invented blogging. However, the main contenders seem to be as follows. Dave Winer launched Scripting News in April 1997, which was essentially a weblog, but he did not actually invent the term. We really have Jorn Barger to thank for that. He created Robot Wisdom WebLog in December 1997. In 1999 an online author called Peter Merholz decided to shorten the phrase to ‘blog’.

How many blog posts were written today?

Yikes – a lot! When I wrote this article it was 3 million and counting. Go to Worldometers for the real time statistics.